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Solace is a queer owned bathroom renovation company. The bathroom sees us at our best and our worst. If our bathroom sees us in our most private moments, then surely it deserves a lot of love. This brand is primarily targeted towards other queer people looking to liven up their private spaces. To support this brand, I created four ad campaigns which live in physical and digital spaces.

Web Presence


Concept 1.
The Green Room

The Green Room is the term used for a space where artists and performers are able to relax before going on stage. Similarly, the bathroom can be used as a space to collect ourselves before or while we go about our day. This concept would be used for guerilla advertising in private, public spaces to allow viewers to find comfort in their alone time .

Concept 2.
Welcome to the Ball
This concept was developed to intrduce the idea that your bathroom can be an exciting space to dance, laugh, fully enjoy yourself.

Concept 3.
This concept was loosely inspired by the myth of Narcissus. This concept was developed to convey the message that your space should be such an enticing reflection of yourself that you’re destined to fall in love. There’s nothing with having a little vanity in the bathroom.

Concept 4.
My Best Friend

This concept is based on meetcute interviews. These ads will consist of overlapping monologues explaining how individuals view their relationship with their bathroom. I intentionally decided to not be clear they are speaking about bathrooms until the end to further pique the interests of audiences.

Radio Ads

TV Commercial Storyboard

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