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innerstand is an online video game. Players will follow Xion, a human-ish child, as they embark on several adventures during a family reunion. 

innerstand cover art
This project was developed in response to a conversation I had with a friend of mine who expressed wishing she could have been more knowlegable about topics such as pronouns and gender identity when she was a child.

Depending on their upbringing, some kids may not be explicitly taught how to understand themselves or the people around them. While there may be topics some kids are aware of via lived experiences, they may not have the language to articulate their understandings. Inversely, for those who have not had experiences or conversations that would introduce them to certain social topics, they may grow into adulthood unaware of critical information about the world they live in. 

This game should allow for adolescents to begin contextualizing themselves and question how they may interact with those around them. This will also help kids understand and become more aware of prejudices/social values placed onto and into their daily thinking.

Child and Parent Audience Profiles

Audience Profiles

This video game is targeted towards children between the ages of eleven and thirteen. Because this audience has been raised to be the most technologically in-tuned generation thus far, I chose to develop a video game as a means of introducing different social topics.

Brand Guide

Style Guide


Xion is a child who was raised by their human parent. Although Xion is aware they’re not fully human, growing up away from their non-human family members has created resulted in Xion feeling removed from this side of their family.

Nam’a is the matriarch of the family. They were born in A’Guen. As players enter each story, different characters will help players learn about new topics. Because Nam’a does not identify within the gender binary, they will introduce players to the spectrum of Gender identity.

Ndari is the auntie figure of the main player. She is from Oriyu. Ndari originally came from a much larger family but was eventually adopted by Nam’a after a tragic event. Ndari’s Ndari’s story will not only touch on topics of race and ethnicity, but will also discuss feelings of anger, sadness, and joy.

Ygo is the player’s slightly cooler older cousin. Ygo can only communicate telepathically as he does not have a mouth. Through Ygo’s story, players will be introduced to concepts of abelism and the importance of accessibility.

Visual Work

Teaser Trailer Storyboard

The trailer would be narrated by Nama, the grandmother figure. This would further emphasize the feelings of storytelling from older generations. The voice actor’s tone should convey warmth and comfort to support the viewers/players as they explore something unfamiliar experiences and topics.

︎︎︎ Camera Movement
︎︎︎ Character Movement

Brand Strategy
Story Development
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